The Jumping Flea-Tales of the Modern Ukulele

Ukulele Lovers- Please check out my new film about the ukulele
titled “The Jumping Flea”.

The little 4 stringed ukulele has had a fascinating and colorful history, and isn’t considered a toy any longer, but is a real musical instrument.

First introduced to Hawaii in 1879 by Portuguese immigrants from the islands of Madeire, the instrument was dubbed Jumping Flea, or Uku Lele in Hawaiian, after the fast strumming technique of its players.

Paul Kraus, filmmaker and ukulele builder, takes us behind the scenes to meet some of the most influential ukulele builders today, who practice the art of luthierie. Many of the top ukulele performers are also featured, some playing the instruments of the builders we meet. The excitement of the music comes through loud and clear!

Jumpin’ Jim Beloff, songwriter and publisher, and host of the Flea Market Music on-line store
and ukulele community resource, takes us through the different eras of the ukulele’s popularity… and obscurity, up to the present new revival.

Music performed by: Lyle Ritz, Jim Beloff, Bill Tapia, Bryan Tolentino, Michelle Kiba, Janet Klein, James Hill, Ralph Shaw, Ukulele Dick, Auntie Gerry Puanani Brigoli and Lincoln Kaio, and Del Rey and the Yes Yes Boys. Color, running time 55 min.

DVDs can be ordered on-line at;

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